Art of Anette Ekenberg

Welcome to my art!


In my painting I explore colour, form and light. I am fascinated by the relationship between color and water, which forms something new and unpredictable. I paint intuitively and use different techniques and tools in order not to control the process too much. When a painting is completed, it feels good in the heart and what I see does not always have to be the same as what the viewer sees. Painting gives me a good feeling and a satisfaction to spread love to our world.

Over the years, I have participated in art fairs, had several separate exhibitions and participated in a number of different juried exhibitions. I sell art to art associations, companies and private individuals. My studio is open in Ängelholm by appointment

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About that one and special moment

Exhibition idea does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use colours, shapes, different forms and gestural emotion represent idea.

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Akvarell målning process

Art from the heart

The passion to draw and paint has always existed since childhood, being creative is as important to me as breathing. It gives me nourishment for life, inspiration and lots of good energy. Over the years, I have taken various courses in painting and personal development to develop my creativity.

I love to see when the colors mix and something unpredictable and spontaneous manages to happen.