About me

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The passion to draw and paint has always existed since childhood, being creative is as important to me as breathing. It gives me nourishment for life, inspiration and lots of good energy. Over the years, I have taken various courses in painting and personal development to develop my creativity. For a period, I took a break from working life to attend a basic art education at Munka Ljungby Folk High School, it was after that that my exhibitions began.

In my painting, I try to capture a feeling, an expression, a movement or just something that feels exciting and good. Trying to find balance and harmony between colors and shapes and light and darkness. The paintings are usually abstract, which gives the viewer the freedom to create their own room. The technique is in large format acrylic on linen cloth, where I work with different techniques to create something unpredictable. I use everything but a brush. In the watercolor technique, I am constantly fascinated by the relationship between color and water, something new and exciting is formed that can often not be controlled. I love when it just happens!

Welcome to my image world and I hope you like what you see. If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send a message.

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The painting process

Through my creation, I get an outlet for my creativity and when the flow occurs, I feel a great gratitude both in small and large. Releasing time and space gives a well-being to life. It is the state that drives me forward and it also nourishes my inspiration and the inner power that is within me. Very rarely are my motives predetermined. For the most part, it is my feelings and experiences that guide me in my painting process. Each painting has its own story and an inner expression that is up to the viewer to find.

Painting technique

In my works I use either watercolor or acrylic paint. I play fluently with the colors to create different effects, to help me I have water and different scrapers, I rarely use a brush when I paint with acrylic paint. I turn and rotate the painting several times during a process and it can also be the case that I have many different paintings in progress at the same time, when I least expect it, it happens that chance helps me to complete a painting. It only feels good in the heart when a painting is finished and it can take different lengths of time. Patience is my best friend in the process.


2018 Akvarellkurs för Lars Eje Larsson, Grebbestad
2017 Vedic art lärarutbildning Steg A och B, Öland
2014, 2013 Akvarellkurs för Johan Ramberg
2012 Ateljerista, Malmö Universitet
2012 Vedic art Grundkurs, Kivik
2011 Gerldesborgsskolan Akvarellkurs för Hasse Karlsson
2010 Konstskolan Munka Ljungby
2009 Screentryck kurs, Skörpinge Kollektivverkstad
2004 Specialpedagog, Malmö Universitet