Paint for heath and soul

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Using our creativity, I would say, is almost as important as breathing. Of course, creativity is not just about painting, there are a lot of other ways of expression, it can be writing, creating, being in nature, singing, engaging in personal development or something else. Getting an outlet for your creativity is important for well-being. […]

what makes a watercolor interesting

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What is it that makes an image take hold of you? and what is it that keeps some images from grabbing one. A picture can tell us a lot and it is something that interests us, it wants to tell us something. It can be very simple or an image that has a lot of […]

Vedic art, what is it?


To paint based on the Vedic Arts method, what is it? Vedic Art was founded by a Swedish artist named Curt K√§llman (1938-2010), he sought an unpretentious way of painting and expressing himself, which led him to begin his inner journey to find this method. Curt collaborated with a renowned Indian meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh […]


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Everyone has their own choice, to move away from an organization that is unfavorable in their culture, it may be necessary to succeed or feel good. To move, it takes a strong courage and at best, the organization begins to make self-reflections. Of course you have your own responsibility for how you lead yourself in […]

The watercolor process and my favorite Winsor & Newton


Watercolor paintings are watercolor paintings, but not all watercolor paintings are watercolors. What distinguishes a watercolor from a watercolor painting is the property of the pigment, a binder that gives opaque or transparent colors. There are a thousand different ways to paint watercolor, nothing is more real than the other. Most watercolor strips strive for […]