New year, new start

It often started with me walking around and grinding in my head that I have to take the time to paint. I yearn… Thoughts arise in my head about how and what, not exactly more sensations about color and shape. I have been thinking for a while that I would try painting acrylic on watercolor paper and make less abstract patterns and paintings. My indoor painting corner upstairs was refurnished and all the acrylic paints came in from the large studio. Already on the first try I felt that this did not feel right and I was not inspired to continue with the acrylic in this way. The longing to paint after the Christmas holidays was gnawing, away with the acrylic paints and there with the watercolor paints. As a watercolor painter, I have many half-painted papers that have not become anything, I want to change this and paint layer upon layer on “old” painted watercolor paper. The search for new color tones, warm, rusty and bright colors and feel free to get a silhouette of something. I have something on the tracks and something new is happening, suddenly everyday life strikes and it’s time to push away the colors to make room for the home office as principal.
Jag längtar till helgen då kreativiteten kan få näring igen…
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