Paint for heath and soul

Using our creativity, I would say, is almost as important as breathing. Of course, creativity is not just about painting, there are a lot of other ways of expression, it can be writing, creating, being in nature, singing, engaging in personal development or something else. Getting an outlet for your creativity is important for well-being. For me, I have always had some creative activity going on, I simply feel good about creating, it’s like cleaning my inner self and getting new inspiration. For me, the challenge has been to take to painting the moments when life feels difficult, it is difficult to motivate me when I need it most. But sometimes I succeed and then it feels liberating and easy afterwards. Most of the moments I paint are the moments when everything feels perfectly ok, then the creativity and desire to create flows. As always, I am free in the creative process, I do not want to be controlled by what it will be, possibly I decide which colors I should start with but then it can end anyway … Being creative gives me nourishment and inspiration, then I feel gratitude for the small things in life, as well as the big ones. I am also completely convinced that I am contagious in my surroundings, I see this not least in my children’s career choices.

“Everyone has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential you can start to change the world.” Paulo Coelho

To paint for health and soul is to release “gut hormones” in the cup and mind. It becomes an expression on the canvas or paper which in turn affects the recipient, to paint and create contagion. And the feeling you get when you see something that you like, you are reminded of every time you see it. What do you have on your walls at home? Does it give you positive memories or feelings? I’m not entirely sure that everyone understands the importance of what we hang on our walls in homes or workplaces. With art, we can create emotional moods that affect the room and the people or animals that are there. Take a look at what exactly you have on your walls.

There are several recurring studies that show that art and culture have a positive effect on our public health. It is important that there is public art, art in our homes, it has been shown to reduce stress, provide energy but also that it has an ability to unite people regardless of age, conditions and background. In my opinion, there is too little art everywhere! It should be as obvious to buy a painting as a pair of jeans every year, in addition, the painting lasts a lifetime and gives you good energies forever. The new jeans are more short-term energy.

An artist who has always fascinated me is Hilma af Klint. Her art is so conscious and completely unique in its expression. She worked both intensively with herself through various personal development activities but also with her creative process. She painted what came to her and the works had a message to convey. It was her big question that she actively sought answers to in various ways. Hilma had a vision that her art would contribute to influencing people’s awareness and change in society. However, she felt that her contemporaries were not ripe for this vision. Maybe we’ll be there soon when we can start to understand the messages in her paintings, I like her vision. To paint to raise people’s awareness, highly relevant in the time we live in today.

Hilma af Klint died in the autumn of 1944, leaving just over 1,300 works, seen only by a few people, as well as more than 125 notebooks. In one of these notebooks she wrote that her work was not allowed to be shown in public until twenty years after her death.

Hilma af Klint was convinced that reality was not limited to the physical dimension, but that there was also an inner world that was just as real as the outer one. ” (

Every now and then you have to do something that makes you happy and happy, it does not have to be something big or much, the most important thing is that you do it and it will give rings on the water… It is good to slow down before it goes for fast. It will be a liberation that opens up new possibilities and makes you see reality in a different way. Try to set aside time that is your own. Challenge yourself not to be found – turn off your cell phone, computer.

Have you managed to find a job where you get that feeling? Congratulations

I do not believe that we are created to just get up and go to work and then come home again to prepare for the next day .. Life must be more creative than that, otherwise we do not live.

We live in a big shift. “He who perceives the future as a headwind is going in the wrong direction.” Martin Held ?

Hugs! Anette

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