About my prints

Some paintings I fall in love with and want to see in other formats or things … The prints are produced of the highest quality and printed on eco-labeled, color-resistant paper of the highest quality.
The trays are a collaboration with Formpress on Öland, which makes an art print that consists basically of pressed birch veneer in several layers that are joined together. Glue, varnish and decoration (print) consist of melamine soaked paper. Melamine is an organic compound that makes the tile water-resistant. The trays are eco-labeled and manufactured based on good conditions for forests, animals and humans.

Tryck, Bricka "complete"
Konsttryck 30x30 oinramat

Hint to give away to someone you like.

Give a print to someone you want to feel special. to the left you see them different prints. The print costs SEK 450 / pc and is about 30cm times 30cm. contact me if you are interested.

Prices and dimensions for prints and trays

rund bricka scaled 1

Round tray

Molded tray made of birch veneer. Can be used as a breakfast tray, serving dish and tray table. black tray stand is also available for purchase

45cm 500 SEK / pc

frykantig bricka

Small tray

Molded tray made of birch veneer. Can be used as a sandwich tray for example. Available in two different prints from the paintings “A rise” and “In the dream”

18x25cm 250 SEK / pc

tryck tavla

Paper prints

Quality prints from the paintings “Complete” and “Life in sea” are sold unframed but can be framed yourself.

30x30cm 450 SEK / pc