What acrylic paint should you buy? The quality of the colors

Vilken akrylfärg ska man köpa

About acrylic paint In the art world, acrylic paint is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do. On the one hand, you can get many different effects and colorful paintings, without it having to be as complicated as, for example, painting with oil. But it all also depends on what expression […]

“Complete” how a process can go


During the painting process, I turn and turn the canvas endlessly many times. Basically the “complete” painting was yellow and green, I drew with chalk to look for something unpredictable would happen in the process. I want to be surprised myself. The frustration arises as usual, I leave the board and cycle down to southern […]

“Save the Children” with a globe as a basis.

"Awakining" blogg

It’s been a while since I painted, I try to find home and use my favorite color turquoise, spin around and search, thinking of light and darkness. What should be in front and what will be behind. The underlying painting shines through. On the globe, children have now emerged as the most important on our […]

“freedom” many different layers of paint


After many different layers of color in different colors of red and purple, as usual there was an inner frustration. I have to redo… New colors and scrape out shapes until it feels good. One last addition of a hovering bird completed this freedom.