Vedic art, what is it?

To paint based on the Vedic Arts method, what is it?

Vedic Art was founded by a Swedish artist named Curt Källman (1938-2010), he sought an unpretentious way of painting and expressing himself, which led him to begin his inner journey to find this method. Curt collaborated with a renowned Indian meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and they created “the seventeen Vedic principles of art and life”.

The Vedic Art method was founded in 1988 in Sweden by Curt Källman. The word “Vedic” comes from the Indian Sanskrit word “Veda” which means knowledge or wisdom. The basic view within Vedic Art is that we all have great creative power and knowledge within ourselves from birth. Because I often say that “everyone can paint”

Painting is an important tool for picking out these inner resources, so that they can be used in a concrete way in life and art. The only way to access Vedic Arts course content and the seventeen principles is to attend a Vedic Art course for a Vedic Art teacher. In the early nineties I took my first vedic art course for Curt and then it took until 2016 before I completed and got all 17 principles. I have also attended a teacher training to be able to hold courses in Vedic Art, I have not done this yet … When I am on Öland it is under the auspices of Vedic art. Actually, I do not think of any principles at all when I paint, it just comes by itself.

The Vedic Art method does not promote a specific painting style, but instead helps the course participant to find their own personal expression. No teacher assesses or demands one during a Vedic Art course. Everyone can develop at their own pace and find their own way of relating to creation. It is possible to get to a course without having held a brush before. And everyone experiences that they can actually express themselves!

It’s more about opening up the creative “sight”, than training the abilities of the hand. Beyond all limitations, there is knowledge, beauty and joy that awaits.

The approach is artistic freedom, the creative process, integrity and the connection between creation, life and personal development are among Vedic Arts’ basic views.


During the courses we get tools to explore our creative expression. We often experience that we ourselves develop as much as our painting and that we experience a deeper sense of union between ourselves and our images.

It will be a deeply personal meeting between creator and creation. The principles have often been described as a map or compass for our personal creative journey.

Maybe one day I will be ready to hold my own Vedic art courses! It is a fantastic freedom and wonderful feeling to be in the “creator bubble”, no demands, just be ….

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