Watercolor paintings

About my watercolor paintings

I have been painting watercolor since childhood and was inspired by my grandmother who introduced me to the magic and possibilities of watercolor. Over the years, I have developed that technique and today I am attracted by the unpredictable power of watercolor and spontaneous events. There is always something to learn and discover with the watercolor technique, some colors behave a certain way and others want to live their own lives. Adding water that speeds up the pigment is so fascinating. My task is to be guided by the whims of the watercolor and create a sense of expression, to try to control but still not.

Akvarell målningar
Akvarell pippi målningar 23x70cm

Hint to give away to someone you like.

Give a framed pippi panting to someone you want to feel special. The paintings on the left cost SEK 1500 /pc and is 23x70cm.

Contact me if you are interested.

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